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Dearborn is the premier website dedicated to preserving FoMoCo's racing and performance car legacy. The drag racers and muscle cars of the Total Performance era are the primary focus here. Total Performance was much more than an advertising slogan, it was a relentess mission to win. Mission accomplished.

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Ford News 2/15/10

Ford diehards didn't have many choices in magazines after the demise of Super Ford back in the '90s. Late model Mustang mags are plentiful, but they leave a huge segment of the Ford lineup behind. The west coast rags with their 95% x-brand content just don't do it for us. I mean, how many red '69 Ca(censored)os and (bleep)-powered "Ford" hot rods can you take!? Then along came Legendary Ford Magazine, sort of a Super Ford on steroids. Ford fans finally had a magazine of their own. LFM is a small operation that stays focused on all Ford products, and they're all Ford-powered. Economics has recently forced LFM to switch to an online format, but the content remains exactly the same. The same fantastic photography, tech articles and editoral content. You'll find the LFM banner with a link to their site at the bottom of every page here. You can help ensure LFM's survival in these tough times by subscribing today!

Site News 2/15/10

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Ford News 1/9/10

Sad news to report, Bob Tasca Sr. passed away on January 8th, 2010. A true legand in the Ford world, Mr. Tasca owned the world-famous Tasca Ford dealership. Back in the day, he helped bring us the Thunderbolt and the Cobra Jet Mustang. "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday" was Tasca's slogan, and that's exactly what he did. Bob Tasca was 83. View our vintage shots of the old Tasca Ford dealership here.

Ford Racing News 1/10/10

Although "Racing Into The Past" is our motto here, we can't ignore Ford's current and future racing exploits. The return of the Cobra Jet Mustang, the Boss 302 Mustang, the 5.0 Mustang, and the long awaited return to NHRA Pro Stock Racing. Ford's 2010 team roster includes Larry Morgan, Jim Cunningham, Erica Enders, Chris Holbrook, Justin Humphries, and Robert Patrick with his fantastic retro Ford Drag Team paint scheme. Humphries will utilize Roush-Yates for his engines. Stay tuned for more.

The recently restored "Gate Job" 1966 Comet funny car will be up on the auction block at the 2010 Barrett Jackson collector car auction. The SOHC powered Gate Job was successfully campaigned by Pete Gates in 1967. Current owner Daryl Huffman found it in 1993 and beautifully restored it with the original chassis and body. Read more about it here. Tune in to the auction on January 23rd on Speed TV.

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